Company Profile


At Tack Exim Pvt Ltd, we started operating in the year 2011 with the primary aim of producing and exporting the Equestrian market with new equipment and Leather products. In addition, Tack Exim aimed to provide riders, an equestrian store dedicated to a wide range of the best available options. We aim to use the information acquired and produce the finest products for riders and horses.

We are a well-renowned producer and exporter of a wide range of leather products located in Jajmau Kanpur (Horse and Riding Equestrian products like Halter, Bridles, leather, dog collar, girth, Breastplate, and other Leather Goods). These are distinctive in design and are available in many appealing colors, sizes and designs. We provide, saddle (Dressage Saddles, Jumping Saddles, General Purpose Saddles, Pony Saddles, Exercise Saddles, Race Saddles, Western Saddles…..), horse riding accessories (Bridles, Reins, Girth, Stirrups Leather, Horse Boots, Martingales, Breast Plates, Leather halter, Horse Boots) Dog collar and Dog leash and much more.

The full range of our equestrian goods, riding gear, and riding accessories, which we offer our customers, are made from soft yet of the premium quality leather; conceived with the highest accuracy and perfection, the line is recognized due to its unique designs, distinctive designs, high strength, fitness, intact stitching, high utility value, excellent comfort, and long-life conditions. Due to the outstanding qualities of the supplied range and a strong dedication to full customer satisfaction, we have enjoyed continuous development and success in the field. Consumers on the equine market cannot look beyond the appropriately known Abu Bakar Adil siddiqui owner and operator of Tack Exim Pvt Ltd. The merchant of Kanpur has spent years perfecting its e-commerce company to link shops to the best available horse-drawn and riding equipment to offer globally. Consequently, Tack Exim has learnt what it needs, especially when it comes to price, for success in ecommerce. Pricing continually varies in the rapid, hyper-competitive market, and top merchants have learnt to blend enticing prices with safe margins and streamlined operations. Tack Exim Pvt. Ldt. is providing equine items with a mail-order or catalogue orders available.


We are supported by an advanced infrastructure facility that enables us to manufacture items with the highest precision in line with changing market trends. Spread across a broad range, this unit comprises many subcategories such as product design, production, research and development, quality testing, and simplifying all of our company operations.

Moreover, the big production capacity of our sound production unit enables the delivery of even the bulk orders of customers to their chosen location in a time-long way.

Moreover, we have a team of highly qualified and competent workers that help us to follow a well-defined quality management system from product design to final shipment. Due to the expertise of our specialists, we were able to deliver a choice of designs, forms, sizes, patterns, and finishes that perfectly meet and surpass customers' expectations. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

Premium Quality Standard

We never committed to the quality and services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. Our products are under a strict quality control system. All our products are HIGH QUALITY and we are the manufacturer, the more COMPETITIVE PRICE will be offered to you than other companies.

As a high-quality, focused company, we never compromise the quality of the variety supplied. Hence, we use leather, material from a selected base of market suppliers, to manufacture our items. Our firm sees optimal customer satisfaction as the key to success. This enables us to better understand and respond to the requirements of our respected customers.

We also have our own design and sample reference & Group instruction and can design as per buyer's requirements. Based on the extensive expertise of our managing director Mr. ADIL SIDDIQUI we were able, via cutting competition, to enhance our pole position on this market. Due to his wealth of industry expertise and his strong commercial acumen, we could win a vast customer base throughout the domestic and foreign markets.

Customer Satisfaction 100%

We have appointed customer service staffs who remain in close contact with our customers to ensure their exact demands are understood. In addition, our company is guided by ethical principles which objectively surpass customer expectations and provide optimal products and delivery on time. These aims have helped us gain an enormous base of customers and a solid reputation on the market.

Our firm has been supported by a team of comprehensive professionals to carve a place as a desired company in the market. Our team consists of qualified, qualified and experienced experts working in conjunction with our valued customers' different requirements. Our firm is handled by qualified and experienced teams who produce outstanding products with great care and care that enable us to have a strong international reputation. All for our clients - we always process orders and Endeavour to fulfill the requests of our consumers. Much Tack Exim Equestrian staffs are cheval enthusiasts who live with our customers, partners and colleagues in respectful connection. We are committed to professional horse know-how, practical guidance, a customer focus and quick delivery times.

Research & development

We, at Tack Exim Pvt Ltd, sell riding equipment, equestrian clothing, saddles, and other equipment created by riders for riders. Using almost a half-century of equestrian knowledge and worldwide relationships in the equestrian sector, our product development teams can give you and your horse exactly an appropriate choice.

Whether you compete on an international level, on your local circuit, weekly lessons or simply enjoy a relaxing journey, the Tack Exim brand can provide you with a wide range of goods to make your horse and yourself comfortable and classic. Each item is guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Our goods are cleverly created for all ages and occasions and have the spirit of refinement and flair. In the United States, UK, Europe and Australia, we have a particular market base. We want to continue to expand. With personalization and innovation as our strong point, our goal is to offer our customers an endless pursuit of excellence and world-class client service.

We have an International's team of highly productive, experienced, dedicated, well-trained technical experts in conjunction with our cost effective management, allowing us to keep production costs to a minimum. These cost savings are transferred directly to our customers through very competitive prices. Our R&D team works closely with our customers to produce the latest innovations according to their needs and customers are often satisfied with the fine finish and high quality finish. We currently manufacture for international wholesalers in the USA, Europe, UK, New Zealand and Australia with future plans to expand worldwide.

Canadian Certified Master Saddler

We in Tack Exim Pvt. Ltd. provide a registered qualified Canadian Certified Master Saddler who has an extensive background with horses and remains very active, providing extremely attentive saddle fitting/acknowledgment services.

"We believe that just like human’s horses are a big part of our lives and they also face the same problems as we do, like injuries, behaviour problems, moody mares and much more."

However, our Master Saddler is highly experienced who offers friendly, honest, and knowledgeable advice, and is always ready to help with Prestige saddle adjustment service, general and health advice, and much more. Being in this profession for a long time, Tack Exim provides alteration to ensure a perfect fit. Our Master Saddler is a forward thinker and highly innovative who always thinks of new ideas and ways of doing things that will aid horse and horse owners.

Here are some of the Skills and Personal Qualities of Master Saddler

  • More than 10 years of experience in Saddlery
  • Design and make saddles from scratch
  • Keen to help improve performance of horse and rider through correctly fitted tack
  • Creativity and good at working horses and riders
  • A flair for design and construction.
  • Excellent eyesight and ability to pay close attention to detail.
  • Good knowledge of the anatomy of horses.
  • Patience
  • The ability to use a variety of tools and equipment.
  • Business skills
  • Awareness of health and safety.

Moreover, we believe in caring for the client. This means maintaining good lines of communication, providing quick service, and offers quality work that stands the test of time and use.

A word from our founder

At Tack Exim Pvt Ltd., we realize how vital it is for both the rider and the horse to have a good quality saddle. We think that everything begins with the basis of a saddle; it is the tree on which everything is constructed. We utilize high-quality; custom-made Plastic saddle trees (for flexibility) and bull hide coverings (the strongest of rawhide). The leather we use is from cattle of the greatest grade.
We are aware of the value of your horse and, for many of you, its work partner and greatest friend! So remember, no matter if you're a trail rider, a competition or a ranch worker, a well-built saddle will go a long way in your relationship. It will make your saddle time more pleasant! Help us create a saddle that meets your demands or select one of the highest-quality businesses we deal with.

Welcome from our Managing Director

Mr. Abu Bakar Adil Siddiqui
Welcome to Tack Exim Private Limited website.
It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staffs to our brand new website.
It is our determined policy to continue to adapt ourselves to the world of transformation and to "become a company with a confirmed position as a leading Leather Products Manufacturing company in the globalised market".
Our obligation is to assist riders across the globe with design, produce and distribute new gender-specific saddles with an emphasis on saddles. All goods and services provide maximum comfort for both horses and riders and help safeguard both of them from long-term harm."
The mission is founded on our founder's initial passion and vision to safeguard horses and riders from potential long-term damages caused by bad saddles. This enthusiasm has been carried on to our employees, and committed to offering our goods and services the highest quality to accomplish our objective. The thousands of horses and riders with the "Wow" effects of riding a saddle testify to our success and continuous devotion to this cause for more than fourteen years.
Our company’s development path over the years reflects our core values to offer innovative services to our clients and their customers alike, within a fast-changing and stimulating work environment. Being a closely-held private concern has enabled us to navigate these challenging waters with a high degree of flexibility.
Our main goal is to continue to innovate to provide high quality solutions for our clients. We will achieve this and our other objectives by caring passionately for our clients, business partners, contactors and our employees.
Thank You