Why should I choose a Tack Exim saddle?

Quality, comfort, and designs, particularly for women without disregarding male demands, plus a close look at the conformational needs of each horse, ensures that your interface is essential for comfortable riding while protecting both your back and horse's back.

Please complete our Tack Exim Search Form for additional information about what model would work best for you.

What is the Warranty on my New Tack Exim Saddle?

Under normal wear and tear circumstances, every leather and workmanship is guaranteed for one year. Leather is an intrinsic natural result of strength and fragility. All leather is constantly monitored, and all goods are subjected to strict quality check; however, we cannot be liable for any leather defects.

Tack shall under no circumstances be accountable for any loss, expense, damage, or injury resulting from the usage of any saddle offered.

How do I purchase a Tack Exim Saddle?

You can buy a saddle immediately during the on-site Saddle Fitting Appointment from our experts. If you're not in a region, we can work with a representative in a long-distance with you. For further information, please email adil@tackexim.com.

What are my payment options?

With a personal check, you may pay for your saddle or use Visa and MasterCard. All saddle orders require a deposit. Full payment is necessary before the delivery or shipment of your saddle.

I ordered a saddle, and I have some specific questions. To whom do I speak?

You can call our customer care department and speak to one of our staff; if your question is more technical, we will pass on our Technical Trainer inquiry.

What other information can I get from the saddle itself?

The model and size of the saddle are imprinted under the flap above the serial number. The characteristics and benefits of our many models are available on our website.

How do I make sure that my saddle fits?

Tack Exims has developed the Saddle Fit that may be seen on our websites. Please contact our in-house specialists if you have any questions beyond the information provided there.

I have had to return my saddle - when can I expect to see my refund?

All refunds are processed by the accounting department. Be aware that a page trail may take a few days or weeks before the credit appears on your account; for particular specifics or information on your situation, please contact customer support.

How do I extend the life of my saddle? How do I take care of it?

Tack Exim has created suggestions to maintain saddle up keep at our website.

How do I keep my warranty and fit guarantee?

Of course, we suggest that you only employ approved Tack Exim fitters/repress operators to operate on your saddle so that the tree guarantee is not negated. A complete list of our employees may be found on the web.

Your order assessment form sets forth our guarantee and fit guarantee. For more information, see the back of your form.