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100% Genuine Leather Made Horse Saddle Comfortable / Breathable Dressage Saddle - TE-04

Tack Exim Private Limited horse saddle has been developed with the objective to give a perfect feeling to the horse and the rider. Front blocks are much higher to allow a complete freedom of the knees. Modified front shape of the panels to place the saddle a bit backward on the horse back, guaranteeing greater freedom of movement in the forehand. Tempo is highly recommended by Eventer or Dressage riders and trainers at the higher levels.
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This Dressage Saddle has been designed for horses with short backs and not much space for the rider, and it’s made with an extra-wide gullet to accommodate wider withers. Made on a hand-crafted pp spring tree, this wool and felt panel system. The design promotes freedom of shoulder movement and allows the horse to stretch over his topline, lift his back and move the shoulders away from the saddle tree area. The shape of the tree and the padded seat allow both male and female riders to find a comfortable and ergonomically correct position. The new soft knee roll provides support while allowing for a relaxed, free and efficient leg position.

Size Flap Length Channel Width Panel Width Panel Length
16.5" 12.75" 3" 5" 18.5"
17" 13" 3" 5" 18.5"
17.5" 13" 3.5" 5" 18.5"
18" 13.5" 3.5" 5" 19"

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